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December 14, 2022 | News

Welcome back to our three-monthly newsletter November 2022 issue 6!

These three months have been very hectic for the consortium. First of all, we had a very tough and successful review meeting on 28-29 September 2022.

In the meantime, we have prepared and submitted 34 deliverables.

Number Deliverable Title
D3.3 Guidance and Mapping System Design Report v1
D3.4 Semantic Understanding of the Scene Design Report v1
D3.5 Victim Detection Design Report v1
D3.6 Validation of VSAS v1
D4.2 IMS System Design Document v2
D4.3 Structural Inspection Procedures v1
D4.4 Non-technical Pilot support Manual v1
D4.5 Automated Damage Screening Algorithm v1
D4.6 Validation of IMS v1
D5.4 Dispersion Model Design Report v2
D5.5 Wearable CDS Design Report v2
D5.6 Validation Report of CDS v1
D6.3 Acoustic Event Detection Design Report v2
D6.4 Overlapping Acoustic Event Detection Design Report v2
D6.5 Validation Report of ADS v1
D7.3 COILS Design Report v2
D7.4 AMS Design Report v2
D7.5 Validation Report of TMS v1
D8.5 Citizen Involvement Platform Design Report v2
D8.6 City IoT Sensor Integration Report v2
D8.7 Social Media Data Integration Report v2
D8.8 Behaviour Modelling Report v2
D8.9 Validation Report of CICIS v1
D9.2 Operation Centre and Interoperability Services Report v1
D9.3 Network Resilience Analysis Report v1
D9.4 Validation Report of Secure Cloud Network v1
D10.2 Common First Responder Situational Awareness Picture Design Report v1
D10.3 Validation Report of TeamAware Platform v1
D11.2 AR/Mobile Common First Responder Situational Awareness Picture Design Report v1
D11.3 AR Interaction Design Report v1
D11.4 Mobile Interaction Design Report v1
D11.5 Validation Report of TeamAware User Interface v1
D13.1 TeamAware Demonstration Plan Report v1
D13.2 Training and User Handbook v1

All of the work in progress and achievements in the workpackages are summarized in the corresponding blogs published at blogs page

In the meantime, in this period we had promising dissemination achievements.

GITEX 2022 Exhibition, 10-14 October, Dubai

On 10-14 October 2022, 20 of the most promising EIC- funded SMEs, startups and scale-ups with outstanding digital solutions, met in Dubai, UAE at GITEX 2022. The biggest technology event in Middle East brought together key international industry players and pioneering innovators, ensuring that attendees will gain insights and strengthen business ties with global tech giants.

Being a part of the European Pavilion, our partner DUNE was one of the 4 EIC-backed companies participated in diverse pitching sessions and speaking opportunities, presenting our TeamAware solution.

TeamAware Workshop at "İzmir Demokrasi University International Congress of Health Sciences (ICHES-IDU 2022)" on October 21st 2022.

Organized together with iProcureSecurity Project ( our partner AAHD organized TeamAware workshop.

Disaster Resilience Societies Cluster Conference by CERIS, November 7-10. 2022, Brussels

The event was split into 6 mini-conferences, one of which was focused on TeamAware’s main area of interest: Technologies for First and Second responders. Nearly 600 had registered for the event to hear a presentation describing our project, how it was proceeding, plans for the interim demonstrations in Ankara and its next ambitions.

In this event, a number of other projects immediately expressed a wish to create a more formal grouping with TeamAware and to hold regular meetings to discuss how we might work together more in future. It was explained that the new Cluster would be one of two new forums being created on the back of the successes of the Societal Resilience Cluster.

SPOMT2022, 5th International Symposium on Precision Opto-Mechatronics Technology

DUNE presented our project at the SPOMT2022 conference on November 18th, 2022, through invited lecture.

TeamAware Interim Demonstration, 27 November 2022, Ankara, Turkey

Finally, we had our first internal demonstration in Ankara in the last week of November 2022. It was very beneficial from both technical and demo perspectives.

The format of the demonstrations was desktop / testbed based (in Hackathon style). Each solution had its own demonstration time allocated as well as a workshop facility for discussing their needs with TeamAware integrated system providers. Each solution provider has been contacted to establish their infrastructure requirements and for their initial thoughts on how they would like to conduct the demonstration. This meeting was the first opportunity for end users to meet face-to-face with technical partners who demonstrated their progress in fulfilling the objectives of the project. Wherever possible End Users were able to use prototype products as part of the demonstration and were able to see solutions in action and provide feedback to the developers through a structured process of evaluation. The event mainly incorporated:

  • Initial End User Awareness Training on each of the solutions
  • Review of the draft training manual from D13.2
  • Mid-term demonstrations of the developments from work packages 3 to 6
  • Mid-term demonstrations of the developments from work packages 9 to 11
  • Initial evaluation and feedback of work packages 3 to 9
  • Technical Partners Meetings

We will continue to update you on our exciting development activities, so look out for more information about how TeamAware is progressing in future issues of our Newsletter!


Monica Florea
Administrative Coordinator

European Projects Department
Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti 73-81 COM


Çağlar Akman
Technical Coordinator

Command and Control Systems
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101019808.

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