The COILS Demo

Mar 17, 2023 | News

Our partner DUNE demonstrated its COILS system to servicemen and officers of the Czech Republic Firefighters, Police, and Army on February 16th 2023 at the training facility of the Prague department of the firefighters. There were participants from SMEs and other organisations such as Microsoft, Sovereign Systems, Hypa. There were mainly three demonstrations:

  • Test 1 (Figure 1): two operators from the cooperating Companies, already acquainted with the COILS system and the Sovereign radio-modem: approx. 15 minutes, 225 meters, with altitude variations and underground tunnels.

  • Figure 1: Test 1, Walker 1: 216 m; 15:10 mm:ss, Walker 2: 223 m; 12:23 mm:ss
  • Test 2 (Figure 2, Figure 3): two operators from the firefighters, not acquainted with COILS and the communication system. Approx. 22 minutes, 500 meters, two altitude levels, tunnels and indoor-outdoor mixed path.

  • Figure 2: Test 2, Walker 1: 562 m; 22:20 mm:ss, Walker 2: 488 m; 21:41 mm:ss
    Figure 3: Test 2, detail of the indoor part of the Figure 2
  • Test 3 (Figure 4): one single firefighter, equipped with two COILS systems (one for each foot), not acquainted with COILS and the communication system. Approx. 8 minutes, 230 meters, two altitude levels and tunnels. Note: large holes in the communication, but the two paths are quite complete.

  • Figure 4: Test 3, one operator equipped with two sensors (left and right foot); large holes in the communication, but the paths are quite complete.

The demonstrations were quite successful and there were positive outcome from all the tests; more specifically:

  • resilience of the communication system, also in the presence of communication holes,

  • results independent of the degree of familiarity with the system,

  • the first responders attending the demonstration have shown vivid interest in the COILS system and its performance.


Monica Florea
Administrative Coordinator

European Projects Department
Soseaua Bucuresti-Ploiesti 73-81 COM


Çağlar Akman
Technical Coordinator

Command and Control Systems
Eskişehir Yolu 7 km


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101019808.

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